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Entry #3

What makes the GREATEST meal GREAT?

2010-11-26 03:28:53 by Naerbu

Do I have to exhaust myself to be able to enjoy such a meal? Do I have to do endless laps around a school building? Do I have to climb a tall, snowy mountain in order to enjoy a hot bowl of ramen noodles, properly?

How is one able to bring about, the greatest meal of his life?



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2010-11-26 07:57:07

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2010-12-22 22:05:44

Nah, you just have to be in the mind set that you will have the greatest meal ever. Or not. :P

Naerbu responds:

Your wisdom confounds me :o


2010-12-28 14:03:48

Taste is the most important. Also, mood.