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Wow, it's nice. It does retain the light vs. dark feel but also has it's own unique texture.

Also, your songs are like... movie quality... wtf?

TommyUlysesGrant responds:

Well when you put heart into what you love, good usually comes out of it.

Sounds like a fight song

I don't like the bells or whatever instrument that was at the beginning. They don't fit into the song very well. You could the volume on them down and put more reverb on them.

I like the drums. The triplet rhythm sounds nice.

I like the melody(although it sounds more like a fight song).

Really, I think only the beginning sounds like an adventure through the woods(without the bells).

Kieda responds:

hmm oh right, it could be a battle theme too, right...

I tried to keep the volume in the bells quite down :P


I like the sidechaining on the hats bro(or do I say you sidechained the kicks?... - or did you even? :D). Whatever you did, it sounds nice.

I think this song could use a more active melody.

Agia responds:

I used samples (Addictive Drums) for the drums, and compressed both basedrum and overhead very much. Thx for the compliment ^^

Actually there should be a singer but I am very bad at writing text and singing ^^


The vocals harmonize nicely.

You need a better microphone.

This song would be 10x better with cleaner vocals.

I'm not feeling the snare drum too much.

Guitars are amazing.

Effects were used very nicely

5/5 10/10

Especially if you can't swim

I like this song. I can envision boating on a cloudy day everything's calm... suddenly a giant shark breaks your boat into two!

I'm not a big fan of the sound of the strings plucking but I guess to some, it's essential.

I think this tune has the ability to capture some kind of emotion in a flash.

5/5 10/10

Doumaaa responds:

Hey thanks for that! Yeah at 00:27 I can see the shark too ;).. most of my songs are only guitar-ish but I'm trying to add some stuff in fl studio now..


It's very nice. The sounds pan nicely and I like the distortion on the bass.

I like whatever that was at 1:04, I might put something like that in one of my songs.

Nice job.


This actually would work nice for a menu theme. However, the piano, beeping noise and drums seem to be lacking reverb.

You could up the high end of the thunder(and some reverb and a little delay)

Hypergon702 responds:

Thanks for the criticism! I'm going to put reverb on those sounds right now.

:O Amazing

Great song!

I think you could raise a bit of the high end on the drums (snare and hats) and maybe the volume of the drums, as well. hmmm... make the snare pop more(around 300Hz I think).

This song is reminiscent of the old days playing RPGs on gamecube :P

KokoroAsakura responds:

thanks I will try it, I think I need to increase my skills to equalize.

I enjoyed :P

I like this song dude.

The title fits the song.

You should turn down the gain; your song clips a lot.


This song is really good. Is this the type of song that goes along with that Jumpstyle dance? I reeaally like the kick drum. Although, there's just a little too much distortion for me.

Dj187 responds:

i added in the distortion to try out a new effect, i think it sounds kool but if use dont like it i'll leave it outta my next song, its not really the dance typa song but if it was i'd say its more of a shuffle song
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