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Very nice. I was at the edge of my seat all the way through.


Hi Rob,

The graphics were ok. I'd give them a 3/5. Alot of the time, the characters were frozen still and that made the flash a little less interesting. The art actually looks like it's from a children's story book. In fact, I was reminiscing about a memory from my childhood for a second (2nd grade, Autumn, reading under the trees *sigh*. Definitely use more animation and increase frame rate.

The Turkey isn't reacting to the weapons that the chef pulls out. You should include reactions. The turkey changes sizes before it leaves to grab a weapon the first time. I think you should leave the turkey the same size. It could make the turkey more "cute" and therefore more appealing to the viewer(maybe the viewer will be relieved to see that the turkey doesn't get eaten. Of course, I don't mean the viewer will sigh in relief but every little detail affects how the viewer perceives your flash).

The sounds you used for sound effects reminded me of the point and click adventure games that I used to play in elementary school. The sound quality of the samples themselves were less than great. You could have improved the flash by a large degree by simply using better sound effects(or rather higher quality). The turkey always laughs the same way. Change that up. Also, I especially didn't like the sound effect you used when the chef and the turkey were eating. Who breathes out that hard when they eat?

Music! You're missing music! Good music is one of the cornerstones of making a great flash! You should choose a song or loop from the audio portal and incorporate it into your flash. Trust me, you'd be doing yourself a ton of good.

It was a nice idea for a small flash. I'm glad you got an A+ but since this is Newgrounds and there's no pressure for you to pass, we can judge you more harshly. If you had included a song or a loop, I'd have given you a better score.



At the intro

WHen you see the play button, you should have his eyes following the mouse.

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Seemed Interesting

Hi ugolegend94,

My first impression of the game was a good one. The game drew me in quickly and I was like, "maybe I'll actually like this game." Judging by the art and music, I thought it'd be an RPG type of game (which it wasn't).


I like the small little details past the walls. You should definitely make ALOT more. It shouldn't be too hard detailing in the map right? It'd look awesome if it had skeletons (humans, creatures... UFO?) Maybe in the beginning of the game, you could fall down an empty well and then walk through a whole in the wall of the well?

I liked the music. It made the game feel epic. It's one of the first things about this game that I noticed and it drew me in. It was definitely a wise decision to use this song for the game. ;)


There aren't alot of things that move in this game (I can only recall that the character, gas cloud, and elevator move)

lol The guy is ALWAYS walking! Even when he's standing! Use a different animation! The game would be a lot more interesting if the main character does stuff while standing still(doesn't have to do stuff. I just thought it was strange that you didn't use a still image to show that he's standing still.)

The game needs checkpoints. I fell into a pit and said, FUCK! Seriously, I hate restarting to the beginning after only once chance. I didn't want to play the game again after falling into the same hole 7 times.

It's damn near impossible to jump over those holes. Too hard! But I won't take off any points for it.

There's no story in the game. I'm constantly wondering why the guy is doing what he's doing. There's no incentive to play other than to discover the reason for the objective. Adding a storyline to the game would definitely spice it up, dude.


You can't get on the elevator when it's going up; you fall right through it.

If you hold up while moving and happen to hit a ceiling, you float a little. That's pretty much the only way I got over some of the holes.

You can't climb up slight hills (where it goes up 1 pixel by 1 pixel or more) without jumping; you get stuck. Not that much of a nuisance, to me, but you should fix it(for the sake of not seeming super lazy).

Can't restart once you "fail."


Invisible wall at the beginning of the game. Right in front of the tree.

I got a fail medal while writing this review! WTF dude. :P

From 10, I subtracted:

2 for lazy animation
1 for lazy art
1 for lack of story


Oh God!

Great game, but at the start screen, it bugged me that the truck itself didn't shake at all. The illusion of driving wasn't there, for me.


This is officially my favorite game.

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Wow, it's nice. It does retain the light vs. dark feel but also has it's own unique texture.

Also, your songs are like... movie quality... wtf?

TommyUlysesGrant responds:

Well when you put heart into what you love, good usually comes out of it.

Sounds like a fight song

I don't like the bells or whatever instrument that was at the beginning. They don't fit into the song very well. You could the volume on them down and put more reverb on them.

I like the drums. The triplet rhythm sounds nice.

I like the melody(although it sounds more like a fight song).

Really, I think only the beginning sounds like an adventure through the woods(without the bells).

Kieda responds:

hmm oh right, it could be a battle theme too, right...

I tried to keep the volume in the bells quite down :P


I like the sidechaining on the hats bro(or do I say you sidechained the kicks?... - or did you even? :D). Whatever you did, it sounds nice.

I think this song could use a more active melody.

Agia responds:

I used samples (Addictive Drums) for the drums, and compressed both basedrum and overhead very much. Thx for the compliment ^^

Actually there should be a singer but I am very bad at writing text and singing ^^

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